Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Over 18,000 Districts from every State in the US have free access to job applicants on this new site!
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This new site offers free job posting and applicant searches to every school district in the country! Check it often and watch it grow - no other site offers unlimited access to as many features at no charge to every public school district nationwide!

No-Cost Nationwide Exposure!

If youŽre looking for a job in education, completing the short-form profile (5 minutes) puts your basic credentials along with your attached Word.doc/txt resume in front of more than 18,000 districts throughout the country. Just click on the ŽApplicant LogonŽ icon above, create your logon ID and password, and fill out the profile!

You wonŽt, however, be able to apply for any positions you find until you complete the Standard profile. When you do youŽll be able to search for positions and apply to any you like from any district any where in the Nation.

If youŽre a district, youŽll be able to search the applicant databank at no charge at any time and your free job postings can attract potential candidates from every state in the nation. Please email us now for your free logon ID and Password (districts and service organizations only).

Please note: The applicant data posted on this site is private, encrypted, and accessible only to public school districts and educational service agencies.


School Districts Only! Please contact system administrator here for additional information and your free District Logon ID and Password!

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